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Client Testimonials

From start to finish, it was a pleasure to work with Rich. I would highly recommend him - total professional and all around good guy. Buying a home can be extremely stressful, but Rich took great care of us.

Pauline Rakowski

My husband and I have worked with Rich Davidson on both the purchasing and selling side of real estate. We always felt very comfortable with Rich and knew we could trust his opinion as we were searching for our new house. He definitely knows the jersey shore market as well as professionals and contacts to help with closings and inspections. We will surely use Rich as a resource when the time comes for a change. We highly recommend him.

 Catherine McNulty

1/06/2014 - thomasmantos

Bought a Single Family home in 1994 for approximately $100K in Bradley Beach, NJ.

Rich Davidson was my Realtor back in 1994 when I was in the process of buying my first home. Rich was there for me every step of the way and the entire transaction was smooth and efficient. Now 20 years later I need to sell my home to buy a larger house because I am getting married. Of course I contacted Rich Davidson to sell my home. He has provided excellent personal service and is always available to answer my questions. He provides a wide network of resources to advertise my home and I am anticipating a quick and easy sale of my home.

I give Rich Davidson my highest recommendation to anyone selling or buying a home. Tom Mantos

 Thomas Mantos

Rich is by far the best realtor I have ever worked with -- and I've worked with many over the years. He is knowledgeable, accessible and follows up. He is also very personable, has a good sense of humor (important when you looking at houses) and is very easy to work with. I can't say enough good things about him. If you are looking for a realtor for sale or purchase, he's the guy!

 Nancy Parello


we bought our current house through Rich 18 years ago. Rich has kept in touch over those years offering free and valuable advice on the housing market and property tax assessments. as we have begun recently to think about moving we have engaged Rich as our agent because of his knowledge of the area, the market and our housing wishes...always ready to take us house shopping.Less

 Richard Held


Rich was extremely helpful and patient with us during our house hunting. He always kept our needs and wants in mind when showing us a home and never made us feel pressured. Rich made the entire process easy and we never felt overwhelmed. If you are in the market to buy or sell, Rich Davidson is the perfect realtor for the job!

 Edward Noone


It's hard to say enough good things about Rich Davidson's expertise, skill and dedication to his work as a realtor. He is absolutely top-notch.

I know from what I speak. I've purchased and extensively renovated two Jersey Shore homes in the last 10 years, and have had varied and frequent
contact with easily more than a dozen local realtors. Several of them have been effective, competent, good at their work. But no one comes close to Rich.

First off, his local knowledge of the market, particularly in the town of Bradley Beach, where I live and purchased both homes, is absolutely encyclopedic. Back in the 80s, I rented summer homes in Bradley. I remember businesses that were once on Main Street. But where I recalled names on a sign, Rich remembered people. Lots of people. Business owners. Homeowners. The sales history of just about every property in town.

Much more importantly, Rich showed me a work ethic and approach to his work that made him the perfect realtor for me. While I was looking for my first home, squeezing in home visits here and there around a brutal NYC commuting schedule, Rich made the appointments happen without the slightest muss or fuss.

He also kept in frequent enough contact to demonstrate that he was available and committed, yet never did that cloying, annoying overbearing routine you get from some realtors. He was always there when I needed - and sometimes when I didn't know I needed him, but invariably did. Yet he never seemed to be around when I didn't need or want him. He knew when to give me some breathing room.

Once I found a home to purchase, he effortlessly navigated the process of bringing the deal home. We discovered some issues with the second home's bid - a few things came up in the inspection - and adjusted the sale price down. That can sometimes be a problem. But Rich handled communications and negotiations like a pro. He even helped us out with finding contractors to bid on the project - pre-sale, no less - and made sure lawyers were talking to each other to push things through.

As an added bonus, Rich doesn't disappear when the sale closes. Knowing I'm somewhat interested in the local real estate market - even if if I just want to know how sales are going, and am not planning a purchase or a sale - Rich every few months checks in with detailed info on local trends and stats. As with his sales approach, he doesn't hit you over the head with it. But again, he seems to always be there with useful and interesting information.

I could go on, but there's no need: If you're looking for a realtor, just talk to Rich. Even if you're looking at/talking to another realtor. I've sent several people his way who didn't have the best experience with another realtor. In every case, whether they eventually went with Rich or not, they thanked me for putting them on with someone so knowledgeable and committed.

 Refet Kaplan


I purchased a house from Richard Davidson in 2011 that he had listed . The property was at 104 12th Ave Belmar NJ 07719. He was very professional in his dealing and very honest.

 Samir Naggiar


My home purchase utilizing Rich Davidson as my realtor went without a hitch. He is extremely knowledgable about the local communities and all aspects of real estate concerning them. He's a genuine expert in his field and as far as I know, for the past twenty years, his only profession has been real estate. He doesn't schmooze, cajole or over-exaggerate. You can count on what he says and is a man of his word. He's extremely loyal to his customers, protects them, and keeps them updated and involved in the local markets. (In this way, one can take advantage of potential real estate opportunities should they arise). I know he's a good family man and well respected in the community and in fact is considered by most to be the best agent in our Central New Jesey - Jersey Shore area.

 John Creekman


Rich went above and beyond when he listed our home in Bradley Beach. I had 3 young babies at home which would have made it very hard to have had people coming in and out of our home on a daily basis. He priced our house right for the market, he held one open house, and sold it in one weekend for more than the asking price. There is not a more fair, honest or accommodating realtor at the Jersey Shore.

Rich also found us our dream home. It was a smooth transaction on both ends and I wouldn't list or buy a home with any other realtor.

 Pam Tigar


We have known Richard Davidson for more than 25 years. We have used him as a realtor for numerous business dealings. We have become personal friends and have come to rely on his expertise when needed. He is a great family man and doesn't hesitate to come forth with help in the community. I would recommend him highly to anyone who needs help in either buying or selling a house. He also responds to our needs when we ask for help in personal matters.

 Vincent Pagliuca

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